Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Presents for poor old folks

We are on a, ahem, limited budget, and I needed kitchen sponges for months before springing for them—kept putting them in the dishwasher to no visible effect.

My daughter was ribbing me—“I heard you in your room saying sponges, sponges.”

Banner Hospitals in this area has some ideas for us broke oldies for the hols.

First, if you know someone older who may not get to the store much or is snacking on crackers and so on for meals, look into what hot meal programs are available—just finding out for someone can be a gift!

Do they need help paying monthly bills—sit down with them and go through the mess.

What about a computer and a couple of lessons?

A booklet of coupons for rides places?

Toothpaste, floss, shampoo, that sort of thing. It may sound weird to offer that, but it might be welcomed.

Canned food? Make those shelves look loaded! (No--not cat food--unless the person has cats.)

Also a new sweater for turned-down thermostats.

And don’t forget to throw out the hook—invite them to parties and holiday meals.

Sometimes just calls are nice—if you are “wealth challenged” yourself.

Once, when I was WAY younger, someone gave me a huge carton of oranges…It seemed like a weird gift, but we ate them all! It was memorable—and yes, a little weird.

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