Thursday, November 17, 2011

Shaking hands with food

People are always wringing their hands over what to eat or not eat, what is “bad” and what isn’t.

Food is body fuel. But it is also a social ritual—and one of life’s great pleasures.

If you second guess it every second, feel guilty, hang your head, confess to people, you are leaving a lot of pleasure on the table, so to speak.

I am a big woman, always have been…I eat what I like now, don’t do the scale deal, and am trying to enjoy life. I worry, too, though—that my low income and ramen lunch EVERYDAY is wasting my time on earth with crappy, boring food.

Also I don’t cook. And my stove is on its last legs anyway…well, burners.

A columnist in our paper wrote that even though she is a perpetual dieter, she is going to eat some holiday goodies. So there!

This does not mean a whole ham or batch of cookies—but some tasty stuff.

Preferably free—at someone else’s house.

And maybe a beverage—same terms.

Join me?


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