Monday, November 28, 2011

The shampoo wars

Americans sent billions down the drain last yr. In the form of shampoo.

Did you know of the cheap stuff is just as good as the pricey? You don’t have to buy at the salon.

And buying at Walmart is even cheaper.

Suave or White Rain is about a buck at W’s--$1.25 in the grocery store.

To really save money, use less. For long hair—a nickel-size amount, less for short hair.

This is especially true for salon stuff—it’s very concentrated.

Generally speaking, the lower cost ones work as well as the premiums. It might be worth more, though, to get a color-preserving shampoo.

We go to the Dollar Store and get that coconut stuff, which leaves my hair very shiny, along with some cheap conditioner.

I never rinse and repeat…that uses twice as much. Where did that get started anyhow? Someone had a genius marketing idea there. Where else do you do things twice?

Always give the dog seconds? Brush your teeth, then load up the brush again? Wash your clothes--OK, once more?

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