Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Smelly house

Remember those house-a-tosis ads? I always think of that when I walk in—is it EW or EAU?

There is such a thing as occupancy odor—I wrote about this once for WebMD. It’s BO, PO (pet odor), fresheners, cooking, products, etc.

Febreze did a study—people don’t clean 75% of their porous surfaces—couches, rugs, pillows—regularly. These soak up stinks and hold them.

Smell is directly linked to emotion. Smell a perfume—WHAM, you think of the guy you were with or the woman who wore it.

Now, EPA people can grab some air and analyze it. They found people could not describe a smell but could tell you how it made them FEEL.

Experts say add a pleasant smell—no smell at all is described as unpleasant.

The smell you add can affect you. Peppermint lowers the error rate on boring tasks.

Osmanthus, a new, made-up scent from Asia—fruit and floral—is hot now—most people like it.

Sooo…when you come home today, see how your house makes you feel. I often feel I need more cat boxes.

Jeez, Star--don't you ever give up on the disgusting.

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