Thursday, December 15, 2011

"Diet" fast food--sorta

Jessica Bartfield, MD, an internist specializing in nutrition and weight management (oh joy) at Loyola, says even the dreaded fast food can be OK to eat.

She favors sandwich shops that allow lots of veggie toppings and less dressing or mayo. Subway, cough Subway? (Their dressings gag me, but don’t mind me.)

A cup of soup or chili is OK No bread bowls—what were you thinking?

Always go for grilled, not fried. Hold off on cheese or dressing. I like hamburgers without cheese, which my kid thinks is positively warped.

Go for the smallest—that would be the Dollar One.

She also says save half for your next meal.

Yeah, am getting right on that one.

In DC, every place I lived had a Mickey D's in the same block. Sometimes kids would spill the shakes on the sidewalk and all day, in summer, they would not melt.

That was scary.

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