Thursday, December 01, 2011

HIV patients not getting best care

David Brown, Wash Post, Nov 29, 2011, says only 28% of Americans with the HIV virus are getting tiptop care.

The goal is to suppress the virus so it’s no longer detectable—only a little more than a quarter have achieved that. This is according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The problem is people who don’t know they have HIV—for those in treatment, 77% have suppressed the virus.

More than 75% of those who find they have it get into care within 4 mos—but only half of those stay in care.

People drop out because they don’t like taking all the pills, the side efx, expenses and just plain denial.

The average person with HIV lives 11 yrs if not treated.

So…this is an ongoing problem.

When we lived in DC, I lost three friends to this and I can still cry my eyes out over it if I let myself.

That was in the Bad Old Days—but those could come again.

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