Friday, December 16, 2011

Music to soothe the savage Santa

Feeling…um…freaked out? I’m not—life is simpler when you can’t afford gifts.

But remember—music—those beautiful carols—are healing.

The ancient Greeks and even those before them touted music as soothing—the savage beast and all that.

Low tones—stringed instruments—60 beats per minute—ah, bliss.

Of course, there are neurological reasons. They have done studies on surgical patients—hearing music through headphones resulted in better outcomes. Same for heart patients.

Music—they theorize, this is still mysterious—activates the powerful parts of the brain that respond to food, sex, and drugs.

They stuck people in a machine—yup—responding.

So…with the exception of The Little Dummer Boy—enjoy those carols. They could save your life.

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