Monday, December 26, 2011

No snow--just wait

Well, here in the desert, the wait is long. But elsewhere there is plenty of the white stuff and it needs some relocation.

Snow shoveling injuries started in October!

Thousands of people injure themselves every winter slinging the stuff around.

Heart attacks are the least of it—7%.

The lower back is usually the focus of the agony. Muscles are cold and tight, with less blood supply—they cramp, they spasm, ouch!

Andrew Peretz, MS, of Somers Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine Group (, says warm up first—5 or 10 minutes. March in place. Run up and down stairs.

Use the right shovel—not the one invented 100 yrs ago with the short handle and big wide surface. Get one with a curved handle and made of lighter material.

Use your leg muscles not your back.

Push snow aside if you can—don’t lift.

Use kitty litter or sand under your feet to prevent slipping.

If your doc says shoveling is OK—it is good exercise.

And that cocoa sure tastes good after.

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