Thursday, December 08, 2011

Ranch--get out the ranch

Anybody who reads this rag knows I am not the hugest fan of veggies. I eat broccoli everyday just about, but if pressed, will eat iceberg, which is like eating water…er, ice…nutritionally.

Veggies do contain bitter antioxidants—good for you, bad for bugs…Arugula, gack! Field greens—stay in the pasture.

Jennifer Orlet Fisher, director of the Family Eating Lab at Temple, has found that 70% of children have a hypersensitivity to bitterness.

Adding a small amount of dip, she says, helped these kids eat more of the good stuff. (Journal of American Dietetic Assn, December).

She looked at 152 preschoolers in Head Start who were served broccoli at snack time for 7 weeks. Adding 2.5 ounces of ranch dressing increased consumption by 80%. Low fat ranch worked, too.

I once wrote an article for WebMD that said that putting a little real butter on veggies made adults eat more. I bet ranch would work, too.

Maybe this sounds obvious, but sometimes the urge to cut out things like dressing is self-defeating and people do it anyhow.

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