Monday, December 19, 2011

Seriously--220 lbs in 3 mos?

I don’t usually harp on the diet thing—and I find the title THE BIGGEST LOSER disgusting, but supposedly that winner lost 220 lbs in 3 mos?

This is way more than people who have their intestines short-circuited down to nothing so they absorb almost no food.

I saw reports of people in this program—was it Medifast—that stay on the treadmill 8 hrs a day. But even then...

Also, I saw comments that this guy was sort of a jerk—thanked his wife by getting her used car.

No—I am not tossing my TV—but am unable to see how this is really possible…I guess someone documented it, right?

Well-this confirms it—men lose weight more easily than women!

Is he going to need some skin surgically lopped off--anything? This defies logic!

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