Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Should you take up running?

My Dad ran—before the word “jogging” was invented. My sibs run—my sister, in fact, ran everyday for 20 years. Now—two hip replacements, a sore knee, bad back…and when people tell her they run, she cannot resist warning them that they are courting disaster.

I say let people find their own disaster—no wait, I do warn against bad eye surgeons and weird approaches to atrial fib. Never mind.

Chris Sebelski, asst prof of physical therapy at Saint Louis University, says running is the sport for everyman and everywoman.


First, get an overall checkup. Talk about your exercise plans, Better to prevent injuries than deal with them later.

Set realistic goals. If you are a slug, start small—running and walking. Maybe even journal what you do.

If you can’t go one day or a few days—just get back to it ASAP.

You may be hungrier—but don’t start stuffing…Eat lean meat and whole grains.

Maybe consider cross-training—some yoga or resistance (weights).

Running can be boring—go with someone. Go to different places, maybe a nearby track.

Put your times on Facebook.

And I would add—take one day off a week. Those muscle fibers need to reknit. Also—if something hurts really badly, don’t just run through it.

You could be sorry when you get old.

But in the meantime--did I mention that you will get a huge rush? Why do you think people do it?

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