Thursday, December 22, 2011

Someone in the hospital?

Hospitals at Christmas can be sort of extra-sad. I once wanted to play with a security guard’s German shepherd when hospitalized at Easter—no one was around.

The Univ of Alabama-Birmingham has some tips if you have a relative or friend in the hospital at this giddy time of year.

This Alabama hospital system does try to cheer things up, by collecting toys and stockings for kids and maybe some music.

If the person is not in intensive care, you can bring some decorations. If the doc says OK, maybe a favorite treat or dish.

Ask if the patient can get a massage—that would be a good gift.

Or how about Skype—most hospitals have wifi.

If your friend is well provided for cheer-wise, then look for rooms with no visitors or signs of the season—maybe you can bring a little cheer there.

Under no conditions, though—The Little Drummer Boy. You have been warned.

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