Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Big FAT cliches

In today’s Arizona Republic, there was an essay by a self-identified lawyer and jogger pretending to be obese and sneering at his pretend family for being slobs and slugs and texting and eating fast food.

This was accompanied, of course, by the picture of headless overweight women in jeans.

He even had the pretend father forget his wife’s name—I guess from some exotic form of food poisoning.

I am sick of being lectured, however supposedly cleverly, by weekend athletes. Worse—by runners, who often are every bit as fanatical as foodies. You know them—bony, staring eyes, always taking their own pulse.

I am sick of the headless fat bodies---the NYT ran one of a woman’s fat rolls in a leotard—why not a picture of a woman complete with face eating a salad—plenty of salads go into plenty of overweight people. Chew on that one!

When someone loses some weight—the big pants! OMG, the big pants. The only thing more clichéd is two people inside one pair!

And the word obesity…epidemic…blah blah…

I am sick of the whole mess.

Lunch time! And just IN TIME!

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