Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bouncy bounce

Bounce your cares away. And maybe some flab?

Ashley Macha, Arizona Republic, Jan 27, 2012, says trampoline fitness centers are springing up—at least out here in the desert, where we are so cutting edge don’tcha know.

The tramps are not for kids anymore. They have classes that focus on calisthenics, core exercises, and aerobics.

The gym trampolines are also arranged in a safer way than your backyard number—where you can go sailing off…oopsie.

It can cost $7 for 30 minutes.

Bouncing for an hour can burn 1,000 cals, according to some experts.

I have heard this can be hard on your knees—but it is fun. Be careful, though—we don’t want incidents.

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