Friday, January 06, 2012

Do you need a trainer?

Marilyn Preston, AZ Republic, Jan 6, 2012, says she is perky as all get out. Well, how nice, Marilyn.

Anyhow, someone asked her how to choose a personal trainer—and as luck would have it, we learned that she IS a personal trainer.

A good trainer is your cheerleader, she says, your taskmaster, your coach. If you are reluctant to lift weights, a good trainer will help you select the right way to build up. Also, it’s important to lift correctly.

If the trainer keeps saying, “No pain no gain,” lose him or her, Marilyn says.

A good trainer also is a teacher—the right foods, and not cans of goo, either.

Look for a certification from the American Council on Exercise, American College of Sports Medicine, or the National Strength and Conditioning Assn.

Try the trainer out first before committing to a long program.

On "Roseanne’s Nuts," Roseanne Barr had a trainer. The woman kept making her exercise. Finally, Roseanne walked over to her car (they were outside in Hawaii working out), got in, and drove off.

The trainer asked, “Is she coming back?”

Roseanne’s boyfriend Johnny said, “I doubt it.”

But hey, you might like your trainer. Make it so.

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