Friday, January 20, 2012

Don't cheat the babies of food

Despite WIC and other programs, according to Cincinnati Children’s, one in three families on public assistance have trouble keeping people fed—and this includes babies.

This is termed “food insecurity”—or the new term, “hunger issues.”

In America. Great, people.

Two-thirds of the families in the WIC program—basics for low-income women with children—run out of WIC-supplied formula toward the end of most months. Twenty-seven percent of these report watering down the formula or reducing feedings of babies.

In 2009, WIC decreased the amount of formula for kids over 6 mos.

Smooth move.

Doctors are being taught to ferret out food insecurity—there is a stigma attached.

I do know you can feed generic house-brand formula--by law, it was to be the same as Similac or something high life.

But you can’t not feed babies or give them basically water. Come on, what is the solution?

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