Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Finding a doctor

They better start building more psychiatric hospitals in this fast-moving managed care environment—a doctor is in a network, you have a certain network, he or she is out, shazam, can you change networks or practices—do you want to?


I have been put through the trials of the damned trying to find a new eye doctor (remember my last one let his partner’s 15-yr-old son work as a tech during the summer and poke me in the eye?).

First, I went to the American Academy of Ophthalmology—looked up cornea specialists. Compared that list to providers from my Medicare Advantage plan. Even the online provider list is not accurate, and forget the printed one.

Found a guy—checked his creds with the medical board—no lawsuits. Talked my primary into referring me (3 calls). Then could not afford the $35 copay for 3 mos—referral expired.

Tabled it Started over this month. This time the primary said I had to come to her first—my insurance company wants me to come twice a yr—my insurance company? What? Anyhow, I talked her into the referral (3 calls). I would come to her when my BP pills expired.

Ooops—the doctor had left the other practice. OK—who there could see me? They named someone. I had another referral sent (2 calls). Oh, no—he was the wrong one.

I tried the practice where the first one had gone. He was not signed with my insurance. Can’t remember how many calls by then.

They recommended someone else. An optometrist. I need an ophthalmologist. OK—named someone else.

I think I am going. I have three months.

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