Friday, January 13, 2012

Keep your weird cooties at home

Why do they call them “colds”? Because you don’t feel so hot? But are you sick enough to stay at least home, if not in bed?

CareerBuilder says yes—keep your crud at home. It could be the flu, also.

Yet, a recent survey showed more than 3/4s of workers came to work sick sometimes.

If you are a team leader—lead by example. Home!

Maybe you can work from home if you don’t feel too punk.

Most companies try to prevent sickness—some offer free flu shots.

Encourage people to cough into their sleeve (I have NEVER seen anyone do this, have you?)

Wash hands with soap and hot water for as long as it takes to sing the ABC song.

And clean your phone, keyboard and pen with antibacterial goop.

And stay away from coughing, sneezing people who did not read this.

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