Tuesday, January 24, 2012

No nap, no niceness

They did a study. Of course, most Moms will tell you toddlers get cranky when they miss their naps—but Univ of Colorado researchers studied this anyhow.

Missing naps also made the tots dumber. Toddlers between 2 and a half and 3 yrs old, missing a single daily nap, had a poorer understanding of how to solve problems.

Many young children—the docs added—are not getting enough sleep. This can shape their emotional brains forever!

They tested the kids with puzzles—some of which had a wrong piece that would not go in. They studied the kids’ faces as they worked.

The ones that had missed naps had more negative emotional responses. The napped toddlers also had less “confusion” on their faces when the did the puzzles with the wrong pieces. They also tended to adapt better to the frustration.

A sleepy child may have fewer coping skills—and this can be a problem in a daycare environment.

Or—at home—the researchers concluded.

Well, yeah…

If only this ended in toddlerhood.

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