Thursday, January 26, 2012

Reversal on diverticulosis?

I was once hospitalized with horrible stomach pains—paralyzed intestine—but they also found I had diverticulosis—pouches in the colon wall that could fill up with sharp bits or crud and get infected or puncture.

Gotta love the hospital.

Anyhow, I was told to up the fiber. The paralysis gave way after 5 days on an NG tube (you so don’t want that EVER, just incidentally).

The problem is that salads and raw veggies make my stomach hurt. Irritable bowel—the diverticulosis—don’t know why.

Now…wait for it…scientists at University of North Carolina Chapel Hill Med School say high fiber may raise the risk of diverticulosis.

“We may have been wrong for decades,” one doc said.

Check out the Feb issue of Gastroenterology for more.

Diverticulosis affects about one-third of adults over 60—most don’t have symptoms, just little divots in the tissue in there.

The fiber idea was to ease constipation and pressure on the colon with its little divots.

But these docs studied 2,104 patients from 30 to 80 and found that those with the lowest fiber were 30% less likely to develop diverticulosis.

They did not make dietary recommendations.

Well, I made my own—since big salads make me hurt, I don’t eat them everyday.

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