Monday, January 09, 2012

Stem cell ripoff

I am not always a fan of “60 Minutes,” but they have performed a service, I think, in highlighting some utter weasels taking people’s money for bogus stem cell cures.

Check this out:;contentAux

This is the second of two reports where vague older men tried to dance around their ignorance of medicine and defend the cruel gyps they were perpetrating on people—the latest a blind 11-old quadralplegic with cerebral palsy.

The website even had a little ADD TO CART and a PayPal option for the $5,000 this idiot wanted for some “cells” that were packed in nitrogen and then examined by doctors at Duke—mostly just debris, dead, and capable of clogging a vessel and maybe causing a stroke instead of transforming into a healthy needed cell.

These charlatans will be dealt with in the next world if not in a nice prison in this one, but please be very wary of such claims. This science is in its infancy.

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