Thursday, January 19, 2012

Three years? I don't know, girl

Three years ago, according to accounts, Southern cook Paula Deen learned she had Type 2 diabetes.

Three years ago—yet I can personally recall her and her two hunky Southern “boys” slamming in the whole butter sticks and scooping in the mayo as they put together some stunningly high cal dishes.

Such as Fried Cheesecake.

This was her franchise—the whole butter stick. And condensed milk—plenty of that.

I am a large woman. I distrust fakey sweeteners and put sugar in my coffee, but we don’t eat dessert everyday. Yes, I eat fast food once a week and Italian also once a week. We don’t diet. And we are pretty big.

But I am not on TV ladling out this stuff and teaching people to make it. And we don’t have a diabetes problem—yet, anyhow.

I don’t want to judge—but Paula, three years is a long time to delay a scale-back. Now one of her sons is going to remake Mom’s recipes in yet another Food Network offering. Recipes are being tweaked at their eatery—The Lady & Sons. Never let a crisis go to waste, no matter how long it lingered..

Maybe—at least—the other half of the butter stick did not need to be thrown in—Paula would do that—“Oh, what the heck, let’s use it all, y’all.”

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