Monday, January 16, 2012

Two extra legs--what's the difference

We have three four-leggers around here someplace—two cats and a weird little poodle dachshund deal.

Our third cat Elsie had to be put down at 15. She was so thin, so creaky she could hardly walk. A mother-daughter vet team came to the house. I still think about my Top Cat.

Irene Kraft, LA Trim es, Jan 10, 2012, talks about the obvious fact that millions of Americans have woven animals into their families in a tight knot. I think of it was the animal faction and the human faction.

These animals don’t kill mice or bring down game—they just walk around being animals.

Like people, they can have annoying traits—the big cat has decided the litter box is a bore—yup—on the floor. The smaller cat hides all day and comes out a night when I make a bathroom run. I am a captive fur petter.

And the mutt—better believe he has quirks. Sleeps on the spaghetti of wires at my feet. All wound in, snoring. He barks at air molecules outside—there’s one! YAP YAP YAP. But at night, he sleeps under a bed pillow—all warm and drowsy…only his nose poking out.

According to this article—vets are more sensitive to what people are feeling than they used to be. Personally I wonder if this isn’t sensitivity to what people will pay for. I know—I am mean.

There are now grief support groups. You can talk about how much you loved the animal without some dope making you feel like a jerk.

There is no wrong way to grieve. Write a poem, this author suggests. Conduct a service. Keep the ashes or scatter them.

I miss my dog Spencer—my first ever dog. So much. Every day. Then I see that little nose come out from under the pillow to collect the first petting of the day, and I get up—time to feed everyone.

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