Thursday, January 05, 2012

Young at head

My sister is always saying she can’t think of two things at once. I wish I could only think of two things at once.

Our brains, our brains!

Dr Wes Ashford, creator of the memory screening test, MemTrax, has 10 tips for keeping the old noggin sharp.

Take an interesting class. Do crosswords or Sudoku. And I would add—fight for your economic life.

Exercise, aerobics and strength training.

Keep making friends.

Eat your veggies. Get your Vit D levels checked, some people are low on it.

Watch your weight! Of course, why didn’t we think of that?

Wear seat belts, a bike helmet (if biking). Improve balance by brushing teeth standing on one foot.

Monitor your thyroid. Tell the doctor about muscle pains.

Watch your blood pressure. Ask your doctor about statins—and I might add, look them up yourself.

Try to get good sleep. Check to see if you have sleep apnea if you keep waking up.

Screen your memory every so often. What would be good for that—why MemTrex!


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