Friday, February 03, 2012

Exercise cleans up your nasty cells

I always like to visualize the weird stuff going on in my body. Usually this is more comical than medical.

But Tara Parker-Pope of the NYT recently wrote about your body’s cells.

“It’s long been known that cells accumulate flotsam from the wear and tear of everyday living,” she says.

This can be broken or misshapen proteins, shreds of membranes, viruses or bacteria, worn out components—you know, cell crap.

In most cases, cells sweep this stuff away or recycle it for fuel—through a process called autophagy or “self-eating.”

Without this, cells would be choked with trash, which can lead to diabetes, MD, Alzheimer’s and cancer.

The key to making cells get with the program is exercise! The more you move, the more your body cleans itself.

So walk, play sports, even run—incinerate cell garbage.

Oh, this is fun, people.

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