Thursday, February 02, 2012

Get a glaucoma test

I know there is a constant barrage of urgings to get this test or that—and all require punishing copays and long waits and sometimes pain—but I am a convert to getting periodic eye exams.

When my right retina fell off—I saw…the um…light.

Best of all—eye exams require no nakedness, nasty bits, or pain.

Your eye is a little bag of fluid and if that fluid does not circulate properly, pressure can build up damaging the optic nerve and other conduits that take the visual signal to the brain.

No pain, no symptoms, then…failing vision.

The test of eye pressure is no biggie—they put in numbing drops and either touch your eye with a little device or blow a blast of air—you don’t even feel it.

If you have a family history of glaucoma—all the more reason to go at 40 and keep going periodically. High blood pressure or diabetes are also reasons to go.

If you have it, you will get eyedrops. If those don’t work, a laser procedure. In rare cases, surgery to improve drainage is needed.

Sure, there can be glitches—but leaving glaucoma undetected or treated is a mistake. Again, we have to roll the dice.


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