Monday, February 13, 2012

Going within--in college

Everyone keeps telling me I am freaking out, what with being terrified and broke and all. So maybe I should enroll in the Univ of Pennsylvania’s course in how to be monk-like.

This is a course on monastic life and asceticism.

Students wake at 5 am, and for various periods, forgo technology, coffee, and human contact.

Men wear white shirts, women black—they sit on opposite sides of the classroom.

They forgo alcohol for periods. Cannot touch anyone. No eye contact. No eating after dark. They also write in a journal every 30 minutes.

This builds hyperawareness.

I suspect hyperawareness is what is getting me in trouble, but what do I know. This could be an interesting exercise. I used to know yogis who did things like this.

What I liked about the swamis I met was they could be in a limo one day and in a loincloth on a cold rock the next—they took it in stride.

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