Thursday, February 23, 2012

Heart Month--Valentine's--get it?

I hate “doing” these dopey months. But the University of Mich has the skinny on some new heart approaches.

Since I have atrial fib, I listened up.

First, instead of heart transplants, or while waiting, there are devices now that can keep the heart pumping along pretty well in certain cases. One is the left ventricle assist.

There also is more emphasis on testing young athletes for heart problems—esp hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Ask your kid’s coach.

Of course, they are all ABOUT kids losing weight—less juice, fewer fatty meals, more playing outside.

There are also new aortic valve approaches—not requiring open heart surgery.

Your Medicare doctor will also talk to you about preventing cardiovascular disease—by blood pressure, weight, and cholesterol control.

And—last but never least—women. Heart disease is their number one enemy—but often their heart symptoms are ignored. Such symptoms often are different from men’s. Days of fatigue, upset stomach, dizziness, or even insomnia—maybe you could ask.

This is making me feel like hammered do-do…back later.

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