Monday, February 27, 2012

Hotsy totsy

Why do people in hot climates—Mexico, Thailand—like “hot” foods? So they will sweat, evaporate, and feel cooler, I guess.

Do you ever watch those guys on the Food channel show called HEAT SEEKERS? They laugh and clown around watching people make chili-infused grub then eat some, tears popping from their eyes!

Well, those two will be happy to know about the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion chili. This is the hottest pepper on the planet, according to New Mexico State’s Chili Pepper Institute.

It means heat topped 1.2 million units on the Scoville heat scale.

I don’t know what that is, but according to reports, you take a bite of this thing and think you’re OK at first, but it builds and builds and becomes “quite nasty.”

Previous record holders were the 7-pot, the chocolate 7-pot and the Bhut Jolokia of India.

No, thanks…but I know two guys who will try them. Maybe Pay-Per-View?

Also--pardon me--but that thing looks disgusting.

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