Friday, February 24, 2012

How to survive Disney World

T. Foster Jones (my editor Tod) wrote in the Feb Costco Connection about how to spend less money at D’World. He consulted a Costco travel consultant named Sarah Gaudet.

First, she says, plan each D’World day in advance. Have a schedule of where to go and when and what to eat and where.

Make dining reservations well in advance, especially at popular joints like Cinderella’s Royal Table or Mythos.

When entering the park—turn left—most people turn right.

Go to the back of the park first.

Or ride late in the day—shorter lines then, too.

Get the Disney FASTPASS. Or Universal’s Express Pass.

If you have some kids that can’t ride, go to child swap areas—Mom or Dad can stay off with a kid, then trade—without waiting again.

To save on lodging—don’t stay at a Disney place. Look for a kitchenette. Plenty of meals can be snacky and not full-on expensive.

Also get a car. Yes, rentals cost, but this gives you more eating and fun possibilities in Orlando, which is stuffed with things to do.

Go off-peak—Jan-Feb or Sept-Oct.

A little planning can make it fun. I remember trips to Disneyland, but have never been to Disney World.

I got a whiplash on the Space Mountain rollercoaster, so look straight ahead.

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