Wednesday, February 08, 2012

I know you know this

My daughter is just learning to ride a bike at age 29. She tried earlier but took some tumbles as a kid and backed off.

Now—she needs a bike to get around.

I want her to be safe—so of course, I suggested training wheels—this was met with derision…uh, OK, forget that.

But what will she need? Suggestions?

I mentioned a protective helmet—she is on the fence on that—and I wrote a concussion booklet. Yipes. Will raise it again.

A reflective vest? Not sure how much she will be out at nite.

Bike lights—same, but I think the thing has a reflector.

A head lamp? Don’t know—expensive?

How about a water bottle? Yes! This is the desert. The burning sands, etc.

Other ideas?

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