Thursday, February 16, 2012

Not all female cancer survivors scared straight

A recent study at Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa and the Mayo Clinic found that female cancer survivors getting screening mammograms had “worse health behaviors” than women getting screening who had never had cancer.

Researchers looked at 19,948 women age 35 and older getting mammograms. The cancer survivors and those who had never had cancer were assessed on smoking, alcohol use, physical activity, weight, and vitamin use.

Cancer survivors 30 to 49 had greater rates of smoking.

Cancer survivors were less likely to use alcohol monthly or more often, but of that group, the younger survivors used it more.

Survivors were less likely to engage in strenuous exercise.

Cancer survivors did report less weight gain and were more likely to take vitamins.

Survivors were more likely to rate their health as “poor.”

This was seen as an opportunity for interventions, the study said.

I don’t always do what I should. Would cancer make me? I honestly don’t know. How about you?

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