Monday, February 20, 2012

Not the solution

Watch what you stick in your eye.

Connie Midey, AZ Republic, Feb 17, 2012, reports that some contact lens wearers still wet their contacts by sucking on them.


There are 500 kinds of bacteria in your spit—many of which don’t belong in your eye.

But an eye doc says that is not the worst—homemade saline or urine are not great.

They did a survey (of course) and 20% of contacts wearers had used something “unconventional.” Baby oil, Coke, Vaseline.

Even water is not safe—remember a previous post, where my eye doc blanched when I said I got water in my eye.

If you can’t do this right—get one-use lenses. And toss.

Urine—really? Come on, people!

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