Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Physician sidelines

Been to the doctor’s office lately? You may be able to buy expensive face cream at the internist’s or get your hearing tested (and aids provided) at the eye doctor.

Doctors are getting more and more creative in the “revenue stream” department. I was at the eye doctor and they offered to check my hearing.

EENT—this USED to be the specialty—Eye Ear Nose and Throat. Now ears are being added back in?

I declined the hearing test—but they did a short little beep in each ear anyhow—and then the tech said, “That is all I do.”

Enigmatic. Did she not approve?

Anyhow—I don’t need dermabrasion by someone who took a weekend course—that is FACE SANDING. I want n experienced sander for THIS face.

Eye lifts from an ophthalmologist? Well, it’s eye related, but not central to the practice.

I am also not too happy about docs who run tests for drug companies—they are giving their personal patient something that may not work—that is how I look at it.

Where am I wrong?

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