Thursday, February 09, 2012

Should doctors care about patients' personalities?

Laura Landro, WSJ, Jan 31, 2012, says many medical conditions can be affected by externals—fear, being broke, fear of being broke, fear of upcoming war, losing a house—almost anything.

Should doctors care about this? I know they almost never ask about your life—maybe if you drink—and then they peer at you intensely to see if you are lying. Yes—if and when I can afford to buy liquor.

But I am also extremely stressed—cannot sleep—see my career and life crushed to giblets by this economy…want to know about that?


I went to my doctor Tues. Well, “my” doctor—the third woman in a row from India—they seem to last in that practice a year and then when I come again, I need a new one.

She was worried about my BP—it’s in our family—I have been on meds for 30 yrs. I may need more meds.

I am not sure I want more meds.

Then a cardiologist—well, everything they have suggested that I agreed to has harmed me…well, you still should go…

I am old and cranky—and noncompliant. I am not going to do things that have harmed me in the past. I read the research—was she offering me any studies?

Doctors should ask about your life, Landro wrote—not just your sore knee, but how it keeps you from walking your grandkids to school. Oh, yes—let’s have a nice long talk…that never happens.

There was also a woman in that article who did not want to take a “big drug” for her psoriasis because of the possible side efx.

Still, I also went to a new eye doctor recently—and he apologized for the damage done to my right eye by other practitioners—that was new—and welcome. He said if ANYTHING went wrong or changed to call him immediately.

I felt he cared. That was nice. So who knows, maybe even cranky patients can be reached.

Even if he didn't mean it or if he would be gone the next time I called for an appt, it was a nice moment.

I had another eye doctor who told me to "think positively." Come on--have you met me, I am standing right in front of you!

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