Monday, February 06, 2012

Yumminess without too much guilt

I had ramen for Super Bowl—even the pooch would not finish it. Then my kid came home with a cheese Danish, which is not exactly a diet item, but was kinda super.

In the AZ Republic, Jan 27, 2012, Marilynn Preston, www.marilynnpreston,com, a woman in a strange hat, recommends swapping out “bad” for “better” in terms of snacks.

Mustard instead of mayo.

Carrots for chips (uh…)

Water instead of cola.

Snacks are a quarter of our intake.

Swap nuts for chips…fiber, good fats, so-called. Just remember to eat fewer than 25 nuts.

Peanut butter—with anything—1 tablespoon.

Ten olives.

Fruit and don’t forget dried fruit. Small amts.

Apple and cheese.

A small baked sweet potato. An hour at 400. Try yogurt and cinnamon on it.

Sounds good—now send over the armored truck with the money for this.

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