Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Docs working on less rejection of donor kidneys

My sister and I both have potential kidney weirdness so I am paying more attention to these stories.

Lauren Neergard, AP, says work is progressing on allowing kidney transplant patients to toss the anti-rejection drugs.

At present, those who receive a kidney must take a ton of pills daily.

But researchers are looking at having the patient get not only a kidney, but some of the donor’s immune cells to keep the new organ from being “recognized” as an enemy and attacked by the recipient’s body.

Do not quit your anti-rejection drugs!

This is experimental at present.

In these procedures, doctors take immune system producing stem cells out of the donor’s bloodstream and put them in the kidney recipient, whose own bone marrow has been blasted with radiation and medication to weaken it to receive the newcomers.

Mass General, Standford, Northwestern, and the University of Louisville are the points on this.

They are all trying different variations on this. Stay tuned.

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