Thursday, March 29, 2012

iConfused--is this good or bad?

Supposedly that iPad thing is bringing patient and doctor closer—by letting the doctor be farther away.

In the Henry Ford Hospital System, which is very highly regarded, surgeons “round” on post-surgical patients with the iPhone and may not be on the premises.

They communicate via live chat software called FaceTime.

This has a name now—telerounding.

Apparently patients who like this high tech approach start with those who like robotic surgery.

I have some concerns. I guess the patient or nurse points the phone at the incision so the doctor can see if it’s infected or anything. Does the patient press it in to see if it hurts?

Can the doctor see the patient’s color clearly—if those roses are coming back to the cheeks?

What about hospitalists—those in-hospital docs who have replaced your primary doc once you are hospitalized? Are they still in the picture?

I mean, the screen.

I don’t know—I often wonder if all this is going too far.

I once was hospitalized and my doctor never came. I finally called his office. Oh, I was told, we don’t come anymore—there will be a doctor there to take care of you.

I lived but I was not happy.

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