Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Oh, neat--now we have fake drugs

I barely can stand AP these days, but for what it’s worth, Matthew Perrone of the formerly respected wire service, writes that counterfeit drugs are popping up everyplace—maybe even your local pharmacy.

The most publicized is Avastin—the cancer drug, also used for eye ailments.

Bogus meds used to be in third-world countries, but of course, the real money is here.

Viagra, Lipitor, Alli—all are turning up in fake form.

Cancer patients getting Avastin might only get the fake stuff from the bad vial once—would that be horrible? The doctors are not sure.

Over 80% of pharmaceuticals are manufactured overseas. The supply chains to bring these drugs back can bring in fake ones, too.

A pill press is $20K—not a huge setup cost.

What can you do? Little. If your regular medicine looks different—shape, color—this may be OK, but ask.

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