Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Video games can be good rehab

In the NEW SCIENTIST, June 17, 2009, Jim Giles wrote a story on how console games are helping amputees and people with Parkinson’s.

One Parkinson’s patient, under the care of a physical therapist, used a Wii with a handheld wand to “play” tennis. He played 3 hrs a week for a month and said he was a changed man. He said he moved better, walked better.

Video games can be played at home, in privacy. They are relatively cheap. They are also addictive.

Games used include not only tennis, but bowling and baseball.

Other games develop muscles that can run some of the new prosthetics.

Guitar Hero, for example, has been modified to by drive by signals from electrodes in the arms of amputees (instead of pressing buttons).

Keep an eye out for developments. I will, too.

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