Thursday, March 08, 2012

What men worry about

I think men can be pretty weird, but I am like them in one respect—I hate going to the doctor. I know women who view doctor visits as a social event—they are fine with the rudeness, waiting, dictatorial attitudes, the scales, etc.

Not I.

Some Canadian researchers surveyed 2,325 men from 55 to 97 about what actually worried them healthwise.

Above all, men worried about independence and quality of life. Sixty-four percent worried about losing mobility, another 64% worried about memory loss. Sixty-three percent worried about medication side effects. THIS COULD BE ME! Vision loss, 61%, hearing loss 52%. Falls were a concern for half.

The scientists also found physicians were not really addressing these things. They were not offered screening for mobility impairment ailments or memory loss problems.

Osteoporosis, end-of-life, Alzheimer’s, anxiety, and incontinence were discuissed rarely.

Stroke, heart, disease, diabetes, pneumonia, and prostate disease were discussed a lot!

Still, women worried more—as evidenced by a parallel study.

And crank out copays for every little jot and tickle.

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