Friday, March 23, 2012

What, no mystery meat?

Sarah Burns Wu, Univ of Wisc class of 99, was written up in the alum mag by Denise Thornton for her efforts to examine school lunches.

Wu was horrified to see a soggy bagel dog on a lunch plate one day. As a speech pathologist for the Chicago schools, she had wandered into the lunch room—and BAM!

She had a little family blog and started writing about lunches. She would get lunch, take a picture and upload the daily fare.

Then she got a book contract and wrote a book called called FED UP WITH LUNCH. This contains a resource guide for parents.

Do you remember your school lunches with horror or sort of nostalgic kindness? Hey, it was different from the food at home. Pizza day was OK. The two pieces of white bread on each plate might have been omitted.

Now, with do-goody first ladies barging into it, it is a big deal. No soda for you! No chips for you! No fries for you!

Arugula Day? Please.

To check out Wu’s site, go to:

By the way--where is my book contract? I like the title: NEVER DIE, GUARANTEED.

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