Thursday, March 15, 2012

You have to practice dieting

As we all know, I am fat and every time I dieted, I gained it back.

So—you will notice—I don’t write about dieting that much. Bitter memories.

Jessica Bartfield, MD, an internist specializing in weight management at Loyola, says 20% of those who lose weight keep it off.

I heard 5%.

Two-thirds of Americans, she says, say they are on a reducing diet, as these used to be called back in my day.

Yet, few get smaller. Dieting is a skill, she says—like a musical instrument. You have to practice and practice.

First, most people underestimate the calories they eat. She recommends calling a restaurant ahead of time—have you done this?

People also think they are burning more than they do. You need to eat 500 cals less than you use per day to lose a pound a week. This means 60 mins of heart-pounding effort a day (maybe unrealistic) or 30 mins most days. Try for 10,000 steps (this is hard, I once got to 3,000 and this was when I could walk).

Eat every three or four hours—a snack, breakfast…keep blood sugar level.

Sleep more than 6 hrs a night. Less sleep, more hunger hormone ghrelin.

Keep reading—you can find the opposite of a lot of this recommended. See why I don’t write on this much?

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