Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Before you venture abroad

Winging off to Europe or perhaps some more exotic locale, such as South America or Africa?

Do a ton of research first! Go to the Centers for Disease Control—www.cdc.gov. Then go to Traveler’s Health. Or check out the CIA World Fact Book. Or the US Department of State website.

These will keep you out of a shooting war and tell you what precautions to take, such as immunizations.

Take your meds—do not try to buy them overseas. (Never use Entero-Vioform for the trots—it has bad side efx.)

Going to a mountainous place—you could get altitude sickness. I had it once as a kid—you don’t want it. When you get there rest for 12 to 24 hours to try to avoid the horrible headache.

In developing countries, watch the water. Drink nothing with ice. Boil water for one minute.

Either peel fruit yourself or boil veggies yourself. Eat meat well-done.

If you get diarrhea, drink plenty of water.

Does this sound like fun yet? Well, it will be fun—but you have to be a little careful.

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