Thursday, April 05, 2012

Buy your own equipment

Gyms far? Getting there too easy to blow off? Maybe start small and get your own equipment and work out during the news.

Brian Sonoma wrote about this in the AZ Republic, April 4, 2012. He suggests starting small with dumbbells and an exercise ball. Machines, a chiro was quoted as saying, restrict range of motion—free weights don’t.

If you have a few thousand bucks, try a dual crossover system or for less cheddar, a doorway pulley system.

Do your homework. Ask your friends. Try out machines at the gym.

Then find a discount store—online or in your town. We have them here—all the machines that ended up as coat racks are on sale for way less.

See if there is a warranty, though.

Craigslist is another venue to check.

Craigs is my second stop for EVERYTHING! eBay is first.

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