Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dumb, horrible, did I say dumb?

Is there no end to this stupid weight and dieting thing?

According to Time magazine, the latest is brides-to-be and even bridesmaids-to-be getting tubes inserted in their noses for controlled feedings—in order to lose weight before The Big Day.

Good grief—do you want to be lightheaded and nauseated on your wedding day? Do you want to be almost drowned trying to swallow an NG tube (matching colors for your bridesmaids).

I once had to have an NG tube inserted—the doctor apologized beforehand saying how terrible it would be! It was!

People actually pay some quack $1500 for this. Here and in the UK.

All this is is a really disgusting 800-calorie a day diet. Just eat 800 calories a day if you want. You can gain it back on the first piece of wedding cake.

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