Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Feeling sour--how about Pickleball?

Pickleball is a combo of tennis, table tennis, and badminton. The ball is a green Whiffleball like affair—but the sport is named after the dog of the family that invented it – Pickles.

The court is about the size of a badminton court, the net is two inches lower than a tennis net. The paddles are solid like a table tennis paddle.

A game is 11 points—two out of three games wins the match. Matches can last 1.5 hours and involve a lot of moving—more than tennis.

Yet, this has replaced shuffleboard for active older adults in many communities—there are leagues and organized play.

Check out for details.

Fore! Love!

Actually, I have no idea what they yell.

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badmiyagi .s said...

Pickleball is for everyone. Easy to start out but with some guidance you'll get a grasp of it in short order.
It can be played indoors or outdoors, with a slight difference in balls and surface of the court.
A variety of skills and mobility are quintessential to being that player everyone is in awe of, yet does not shun.
It is challenging at times yet a lot of fun especially if you are willing to run and compete. Enjoy, and learn basic etiquette and rules, something a lot of people are not told.