Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Health apps--and so much more

OK—huge subject, short post. And I don’t have a cell phone and am pretty ignorant of apps.

But that never stops me.

I watched a show the other night called I Survived—ever watch it? Yeah—harrowing, I should not watch it either. But…I do…

A guy was in the Haiti earthquake basically buried under the floors of his hotel which pancaked into the lobby—but he was able to get in the elevator, which had a hard shell as things kept collapsing. He was bleeding and fired up his phone and found an app for his head injury.

In the elevator. In the mess.

So that impressed me.

There are gazillions of apps for all these devices. Calorie counters, COPD info, snacking advice, workouts for hotel rooms, the best nail polish, how to make yourself over, diets, baby names, symptom checker…

Many apps are free. How many do you have? What is really useful? I am curious…

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