Friday, April 20, 2012

Link between flossing and heart disease--iffy

Gotta love this business—surfing crazily over tidbits of “suggestions of” and flimsy health BS.

Now, according to Sharon Begley, a writer I respect, that long-held dear connection between not flossing and brushing and an increased chance of heart attack or stroke may be wrong.

The American Heart Assn issued a rare “scientific statement,” basically saying that hum disease has not been shown to raise the risk of, much less cause, cardiovascular disease.

This came after a three-year analysis of 600 studies. Maybe people with heart disease may also have gum disease—but this does not mean the gum disease caused the heart disease. Just because it makes sense, one doc said, doesn’t mean it’s true. This sort of came into vogue because gum problems are inflammation and so are heart problems.

What about people who take an antibiotic before dental work—because of heart valve problems. Ask your dentist if you are in this category.

 Some researchers cling to the idea that oral bacteria can affect the heart.

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