Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spring produce that fights cancer

It’s springy—tra la! At the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, they are all about the spring fruits and veggies that help prevent cancer.

Yes, we are poor now, this hospital acknowledges—but this stuff is not very expensive.

Strawberries. 89 cents a serving.
These are loaded with nutrients that protect against breast, skin, bladder, esophageal, and lung cancer. Eat a cup of them for 45 cals. Pretty decent in smoothies, too.

How about pineapple from a whole pineapple? 70 cents a whack. Low in sodium, high in Vit C. Eat a cup for 82 cals.

Spinach. I love this stuff! 52 cents a serving for raw. Spinach powers the body with fiber, folate, antioxys…and yuh-um! Eat it raw for 7 cals. With a pizza underneath, add more cals.

Mustard greens are 81 cents a serving. 21 cals a serving, peppery!

Broccoli—63 cents cooked. Eat a cup.

In fact, eat some now—lunchies!

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